Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

Redhall Network Solutions is focused on maintaining a first-class safety culture and we take a structured, risk-based approach to health and safety across all of our business. We have a well-established company-wide framework for managing, tracking and auditing health and safety performance across our operations. The safety and health of our employees and others is a fundamental priority. Our company-wide strategy aligns to our four principles of effective safety management:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Governance
  • Continuous Improvement

We operate to a corporate strategy and policies which outline our minimum expectations of our business. These are supported by a number of guidance documents on issues common to many operating companies.




Each operating business has its own formal safety management system, which identifies, eliminates or mitigates the hazards relevant to its operations. As well as meeting corporate requirements, many of our companies have achieved certification to OHSAS 18001; the internationally recognised standard for safety management.

We continually strive to be recognised for outstanding health and safety performance across our entire client base.