Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe it is the company’s responsibility to behave in a manner which is both responsible and ethical and which has due regard for all its stakeholders whether that is shareholders, employees or the communities that are impacted by us or benefit from the company’s activities. In order to ensure the longer term success of Redhall Network Solutions we have and will continue to develop areas that are key to achieving our aims.


Health, safety and environment

Health and Safety at Redhall Network Solutions remains of paramount importance. The protection of both our employees and those who may be affected by our business remains our principal priority. Redhall Network Solutions have accredited management systems to control health and safety risks to OHSAS 18001. As part of our health and safety systems, we prepare annual health and safety improvement plans, objectives and targets which drive us in striving for continual improvement. The current focus remains on the reviewing and improving compliance with safety management systems and the development of behavioural safety.

The health, safety, environmental and quality performance of the Redhall Network Solutions is reviewed on a monthly basis.

Redhall Network Solutions health, safety and environmental forums are chaired by our Health, Safety and Environmental Manager. These focus on reviewing performance, issues pertinent to business operations and the sharing of best practice to support continual improvement. Through our systems and monitoring of performance we expect to not only achieve legal compliance but take our performance to best practice levels.

Our people

Our people are our business. We believe that the quality of our people, not only contributes to, but drives the success of our business. They are the key drivers of profitability and growth within our business and we believe that if they are well motivated, we will be successful in retaining a high quality workforce and they will continue to deliver the service that our clients expect and deserve.

We continue to be committed to the development of our people at all levels, ensuring that all our employees have the requisite skills and best practice knowledge to deliver actions that will drive organisational performance in keeping with and exceeding our clients’ expectations and demands.

We continue to invest in ongoing training and development by integrating the people dimension into business strategies, aligning our businesses to ensure the growth of the company, increasing the effectiveness of delivery and enhancing our employees’ skills, abilities and aspirations. This will lead to greater talent pools, providing clarity of career paths and more effective succession planning.

Our culture is that of being truly committed to ensuring, supported by our internal policies, that we do not discriminate against our employees either directly or indirectly on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age or trade union membership and activity, and we will work hard to support and accommodate our employees and their reasonable needs throughout their employment with us.


Local communities

We operate throughout the UK and selectively overseas but always have due regard for our local communities on which our business is founded. We are often an important local employer and make a valuable contribution to the local economy. Our business is proactive in engaging with the local communities.



The company’s philosophy is to provide services of the highest quality to long-term blue-chip clients. We play an active role with clients in providing solutions and cost benefits that are of mutual benefit to the company and our clients. We regularly request client feedback and conduct formal and informal feedback sessions with our customer base to ensure we improve our service levels.


Redhall Group is committed to ensuring our environmental impacts are managed. As a Group, we operate in technically challenging environments such as nuclear, oil and gas, and food where environmental performance is critical. Each subsidiary is aware of the legal requirements for environmental management and has accredited systems in place to control our environmental aspects and impacts certified to BS EN ISO 14001.

We continue to review our performance as environmental considerations increasingly form part of good business practice and are instrumental in securing work. Continual improvement is integrated into the annual health, safety and environmental improvement plans, objectives and targets prepared by each subsidiary.